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Look We're Famous!

No Limitz has appeared in the following list national and local publications.

If you know of any others we would love to know about them!  Please send the publication name, date, and page to the Captain.

This has not been updated for quite some time.  We apologize, and hope to have an accurate list up soon.  

National/International Publications Local Publications
Paintball News p.17, October 20, 2001 UFCW Local 1059 Newsletter p. 4, March-April 2002
Paintball News p. 9, June 15, 2002 Big Walnut News  p.9, July 3rd, 2002
Paintball 2-Xtremes p 116 August, 2002 Westerville News  p.  , July 3rd, 2002
Paintball News p. 13, August 10, 2002 New Albany News p.  , July 3rd, 2002
APG Magazine November, 2002, p.145 Westerville News p 25a August 28, 2002
Paintball 2-Xtremes p. 118 September, 2002 Big Walnut News p. 14 October 23rd, 2002
Paintball 2-Xtremes pp 12(find us in the crowd, heh), p.120 October 2002  
Paintball News p.7, October 19, 2002  
APG Magazine January, 2003, p. 54  
Paintball News p.12, January 25, 2003  
Paintball 2-Xtremes p. 118 April, 2003  
APG Magazine April, 2003, p. 220  
Paintball News p.17, May 31, 2003  
Paintball News p. 16 July 13, 2003  
APG Magazine p. 143, February, 2004  


Television Coverage
Toledo NBC Affiliate----Military scrimmage coverage (unknown)
WBNS 10TV----May 23-24, 2003----Several different showings
Adrenaline TV Fox Sports Net---Ultimate Madness Coverage (helmet cams)--
Superstation WGN--Ultimate Arena Paintball Show 3-minute Segment on the Team