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The No Limitz Groupies!


As any of you who have ever seen Team No Limitz at a tourney know, we don't travel alone.  There is generally a caravan that follows the team even to 3-mans, and at the events the field is inundated in a sea of black and gray No Limitz symbols and logos, hats and hoodies, coats and shirts.  

And that is just the way we like it...

This page is dedicated to those people who are sometimes more dedicated than the players themselves.
Who follow us all over the Midwest just to watch us play, and keep us fired up.
We like to get loud and have fun, and you all make that possible.
From helping fill pods, to cleaning off hits, picking us up when we're down, dumping coolers on Pete when we win, cheering us every game, buying all of our gear, to just being part of our family.

On behalf of Team No Limitz I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to those of you who make it all possible for us.  You have helped mold this team into what it is today, and your continued support is greatly appreciated.  You are the select group who make it to nearly EVERY event, you are always there.
You know who you are...
You are the elite few...
You are the...