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Team No Limitz
trains with the
SWAT team!

NLPBSwat2072006.JPG (354564 bytes)           NLPBSwat4072006.JPG (369429 bytes)

Team No Limitz was invited to come out and assist the Delaware and Westerville SWAT teams run through some training exercises. No Limitz agreed and on Thursday, July 20th it happened.  No Limitz was taken to a home about to be torn down and allowed to hole up inside the house at certain locations.  The SWAT teams then had to come and get us, and they pulled no punches.  We then ran through several more exercises with different scenarios and critiqued the SWAT procedures from a 'bad guys' perspective.  

At the end of the four hour training session and several exercises later everyone was tired, several different colors, and a little sore but we had a blast.  Everyone on No Limitz was submitted to the full SWAT takedown, smashed windows, flash bangs, and overwhelming force.  It was quite an experience and one we will never forget, not that we would want to

No Limitz would like to thank the SWAT teams for inviting us out to help them train.  We were more than happy to be able to help our local law enforcement agencies and have a good time in the process.  What those guys do is incredible and we should all be proud to know we have people like them training hard everyday to protect us. 

Thank you SWAT, we hope to help you again in the future and stay safe.