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Who is Pete Richison?


Name: Peter "Pete" Richison
Birthday: October 13, 1984
Education: Alumni of the Ohio State University Class of '07.  Bachelors in Business
Hobbies: Paintball, Video Games, Car Stereo's
Favorite Music: Christian Rock, (
Favorite Movie: The Austin Powers Triology
Marital Status: In a relationship
Favorite Website:
Faith: Christian
Slogan: "Fall seven times, stand up eight"
Why do I want to go on the Amazing Race Season 13?



I have wanted to get on the show since season five. I have only ever been to Canada. I want a chance to travel the world. Also I am a adrenaline junky and I look forward to the crazy tasks I will have to undertake on the race. I want to compete while spending time with my father.
Who is Pete Richison? In case you are wondering just who is Pete Richison. This is my life story in about six paragraphs..

I was born in Columbus, Ohio and spent the first 11 or 12 years of my life just being a normal kid. But one Thanksgiving I got my hands on a paintball gun...and my life has never been the same sent.

Everyone in High School and in my life since then has known me not as "Pete", but "Paintball Pete". I created my own team, No Limitz, from the ground up. The team has grown into one of the most well known paintball teams in Ohio ( We travel all over the surrounding states and have gone as far as Orlando, Florida just to play paintball.

I even started a paintball business with my Family. The four of us work together running, No Limitz Paintball in Sunbury, Ohio. I was able to start and run this store during my last year of college, which brings me to that.

I attending THE Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business. I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Marketing. I am a BUCKEYE!

I am a self-proclaimed funny man, I am a 24/7 jokester. I am always messing with people, pulling pranks and scheming up something funnier than the last time. I will be very good entertainment on the Amazing Race.

Now I am trying to pursue my dream of competing on the Amazing Race and I am hopefully going to be able to share this "Amazing" experience with my Father and I will be able to entertain all of you!

Pete Being Eaten by JAWS

Pete Displaying his distaste for Factory Car Speakers


Pete Competing at a Dodge Ball Tournament

Self-Portrait at Gatorland in Orlando, Florida

Pete and his Girlfriend of more than four years, Kathleen

Pete Holding TPA 2007 Series Champion Cup