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Our Guestbook is the Key to Getting us in the Race!

Every signature we obtain will put us one step closer to getting a chance to appear on the Amazing Race. We have to show the folks at CBS that there is a large fan base out there who supports paintball, the buckeyes, and our hometown! The more people who can say yes they would watch if we are on the show the better chance we have of getting on. Please help make this dream of ours a reality!

Click HERE to sign our guestbook.

Just scroll to the bottom where it says "Post New Message". Enter your name, and your message the e-mail and website is not necessary but you may enter them if you like.

If you cannot think of a message just cut and paste the message below, and post it with your name in the guestbook.



If you would like to try and do more for us please visit our "How to Help" page for more ways you can help!

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