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How to Help Pete and Butch get on the Amazing Race 13


You can help in FOUR main ways.


---> Sign our guestbook HERE, if you want more information about why we have the guestbook please click the "Guestbook" link in the left hand bar.

---> Send an E-mail to the Producers at CBS, Click Here to learn who you need to E-mail and what to say!

---> TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US, and encourage them to get on this website as well.

---> Create a link to our website, If you make a link our your site to us, please e-mail me at and let me know. I will then also add a link to your website in our links page! FREE ADVERTISING!



Other creative ideas:

Print up a flyer and post it all over your town.

Send a story to your local newspaper editor and try to get it published.

Place links on your MySpace and FaceBook. Also post bulletins on these sites so everyone will notice it.


Have another idea we can use to get noticed? Tell us about it, e-mail!