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Why Us?

"Hilarious, Outspoken, Headstrong, Motivated, Competitors....Champions....Pete and Butch"

We're Buckeyes!     We're Paintball Players!     We're Competitors!

We will make you laugh, guaranteed!


Why Us?
That's is an easy question, there are plenty of reasons you should want to see Pete and Butch on the Amazing Race.

Here is our story....

Like most people who enjoy the Amazing Race we had heard of it in the earlier seasons but Season 5 is where it really caught our attention. Since then our whole family has been diehard fans of the show not ever missing an episode if we could help it. Now that Pete finally joined the TIVOlution a few years ago we no longer miss ANY episodes of the race. Going on the race has always been something we dreamed of while watching the show, but we never decided to really give it a shot.

Then why is now different you might ask? We realized that time to do something like this is always slipping away. Pete is 23 years old, he just graduated from College and is beginning to think about getting married. Soon he will be out of the house and completely on his own. And Butch, at 50, is not getting any younger.

This father and son duo has spent 23 years together and become very close during those years. The biggest connecting factor in their lives has to be paintball. They have traveled the Midwest together while building our paintball team, No Limitz, and shed plenty of blood, sweat and tears together in the process. "Paintball is probably the biggest keys to our relationship", says Pete. But all that time spent together has also led to plenty of arguments and outbursts which is a problem the two of them hope to address on the show. 

This race is sort of like one "last hurrah" for Pete and Butch. Soon Pete will be going out to make a house and family of his own and this is one of their last chances to do something truly AMAZING together. 

Aside from the chance to spend an amazing trip together there is something else. Pete and Butch THRIVE on competition, as they have shown through the last 10 years in paintball. They have striven to create one of the most well known paintball teams in Ohio with the goal of one day becoming a nationally competitive team. This race is like the ultimate competition. Before this race the longest competition they have ever been in was a two day long paintball tournament! This is a 40 day race! 40 straight days of head to head competition, and the stakes could not be higher with each of the teams vying for the chance to win $1,000,000!

Pete and Butch should be on the Amazing Race Season 13 so that they can compete in the national spotlight while having the time to do something amazing together.

"We PROMISE to crack as many jokes, pull as many pranks, and compete wholeheartedly as long as we can in this race. We want to make Season 13 the best, most entertaining season ever." - Pete and Butch Richison

With this website Pete and Butch want to create a large viewing audience who knows their team like no other team on the race. They want to give you someone to root for and a reason to rush home every Sunday night to make sure you do not miss a single episode.

Give Pete and Butch a chance to entertain you, display their competitive spirit, grow closer and share something amazing together, and have fun! Surf through this website (using the content bar on your left) to learn more about how you can help.