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Relay for Life


On June 6th & 7th, and the 20th & 21st Team No Limitz setup a shooting booth at the Sunbury and Bellefontaine Relay for Life to help raise money for cancer research. At each event we setup a paintball shooting booth where people could shoot reball's to see what it was like to shoot paintballs. We charged people $1.00 to shoot about 50 reballs at a target and this worked out pretty well.

But we soon realized we needed to do more to raise money for this worthy cause. That's when we got the idea to let people shoot at us with the reballs!

For $5.00 you could take 5 shots at a member of No Limitz!

Being able to shoot a real person with reballs was an instant hit, No Limitz members sacrificed their bodies and endured endless welts to raise over $500 for cancer research between the two 18 hour events.



During the second event in Bellefontaine, they landed a helicopter about 50 feet behind our shooting booth and tents, enjoy the video!


See how close it was!