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Merry Christmas!

from the

No Limitz Paintball Pro Shop

Sales valid 12-13-06 through 12-24-06


No Limitz T-Shirts

     $9.99 Each

SAVE $5.00



2 Pod Rec Harness


3 pod Rec Harness


NXE 4+1 Rec Harness


NXE 4+3+2 Pro Pack



Large Camo Gear Bag

MSRP 89.99

Our Price $29.99


Gift Certificates
Now Available

$10, $25, $50, and $100

Everyday low prices on CO2 tanks and fills


***All tanks purchases includes a FREE fill***


CO2 & HPA Fills

9oz or 12oz

14oz or 16oz

20oz or 24oz

All HPA*






CO2 & HPA Tanks

9oz CO2 Tank

12oz CO2 Tank

20oz CO2 Tank

48ci/3000psi HPA







Paintball Maintenance Kit


Includes all the essentials:

JT Wizard Lens Cleaner Cloth

KlearVu Lens Cleaner

Gold Cup Paintball Marker Oil

Rubber Proflex Squeegee

All this inside a 140 Round pod!



$12.49                SAVE OVER $3.00



No Limitz Paintball Pro Shop

14 North Columbus Street

Sunbury , Ohio 43074


E-mail NLPB @ or with questions, comments or concerns.


*All standard size paintball tanks.  We do not fill scubas, cascades or any other large type tank.  **NLPB is not liable for misprints or typo's.  NLPB reserves the right to change, alter, or remove any price or special at any time and without notice.  Prices good on IN-STOCK merchandise only, NO RAIN CHECKS!**  **If this came to you via e-mail…you are receiving this e-mail because you are on the NLPB mailing list, if you do not wish to receive further mailings please reply with the words REMOVE in the body and subject lines, please allow two weeks for our list to be updated**  **Discount comes off of normal prices,  prices in ad ALREADY REFLECT THE DISCOUNT**