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NLPB Survey

This is a quick survey we ask you fill out to help us serve you better at your local paintball store.
Please provide honest and thoughtful answers.
Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Do you play paintball? YES!

No, but I want to.

No, and I do not want to.  (If you check this, please end your survey here thanks for your time.)

How often do you play? Less then once a month
Once a month
Twice a month
Three times a month
Once a week
More than once a week
Where do you play?
How much paint do you typically use in one day of play?
What brand of paint is your favorite to buy?
What days would you like to see our store open? Monday
What hours would you like to see our store open?
Do you use...? HPA
How did you hear about us?
I have this kind of Mask?
If NLPB opened a second store where would you like it to be?
Your name is...?
Your e-mail address is...?
My mailing address is...?
My city and state are?
My zip code is?
My phone number is...?


Please note that by submitting your personal information you agree to receive updates or notices from the store or team, as well as participate in any contests or raffles NLPB offers.