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No Limitz is recruiting
We will be playing:
PSP series
TPA CUP series
a few smaller events sprinkled in...
 PM or e-mail me for details, ( 


Think you have what it takes to play with No Limitz? Read this first...
Playing on No Limitz is unlike playing on any other team out there. I encourage you to look at the "Who are We" page on our website for some more ideas. 
We play EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND once the season starts (1st week or March), take one weekend off for a fourth of July party and continue until December. We work out one night a week as a team, we go to the movies together, we party together, we hang out and build stuff and shoot guns together...all the time.
We are a family, we're kind of like the mafia, once your in, YOUR IN. People do not come and go from No Limitz. Once on, they are basically on for life. Not because we force them, but because we all work so well and mesh so well that no one WANTS to leave. Usually when people quit No Limitz...its because they quit Tournament Paintball altogether. And we do not pick people who we think are going to be flaky or who we do not get along with. If you are ready to play on a team that functions like a family/professional sports team, then you are in the right place. If not, I do not think NO LIMITZ is the team for you.
We are looking for skill, but more importantly your personality must fit with us if you want to have a chance to get on the team, and we can only decide that over time. Do not expect to come play with us once and "be on the team". It will take a few months and probably a few trips to unofficial tournaments together before that happens.
Sound good so far? Read this...
If you wipe or "cheat" while you play tournament paintball. Do not waste my time, I am not interested in you being on my team. No Limitz DOES NOT CHEAT, EVER. Please take that comment seriously. Some people just don't get (or believe) this. It is something that I am very proud of and we stick to it, we will not bring people on who will "tarnish" that reputation.
See you at the 50.
PM or e-mail me for details, (