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How You Can Help Ryan Hewitt

Have you read the story about what happened to Ryan Hewitt?  Have you read what team No Limitz has already done with the raffle for Ryan?  If you would like to help Ryan even more please keep reading.

Team No Limitz will continue to collect donations to help Ryan over the next few months.  Anything you can give will be accepted.  Whether you are a major paintball vendor or other company who wants to donate thousands.  Or a kid with an extra couple of quarters.  You can simply click the link below and send your donation to help Ryan via PAYPAL.

ALL monies received will be given directly to Ryan Hewitt and his family to help cover the medical costs and all their other expenses.  

Whether you can donate or not.  If you would like to wish Ryan Hewitt well.  Please do the following two things for him. 

1) Please include Ryan in your prayers.  No Limitz is a Christian team and we believe whole-heartedly in the power of prayer.  If you've ever seen us play in a tournament you know.  We pray before every single game.  

2) Please send me an e-mail or letter.  I will be forwarding everything on to Ryan and his family.  My e-mail address, and mailing address are listed below. So you can write any words of encouragement or get well wishes and they will be promptly given to Ryan and his family.

Pete Richison
3003 Miller Paul Road
Galena, OH 43021