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Paintball Marker Packages

Add any of these packages to any gun purchase to have everything* you need to play!

Package 1

Mask, 9oz CO2 tank, 200 Round Hopper


Package 2

Mask, 20oz CO2 tank, 200 Round Hopper



Package 3

Mask, 12Volt Viewloader Revolution, 48ci/3000psi Aluminum Compressed Air Tank



Package 4

Mask, Viewloader Evolution 3 with Z-Board, 72ci/3000psi Aluminum Compressed Air Tank


**The mask included in all of these packages will vary but has an approximate retail value of $20.  The mask will be fog resistant and meet all ASTM standards.  
*"everything" is not meant to be an all inclusive term, it does not imply you will not need to buy anything else, or that you will receive paintballs.  This phrase cannot be misconstrued to mean anything else.