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Pete & Butch

Amazing Race Season 13 Candidates


Thank you to everyone for your help, unfortunately we believe at this point that the applicant decision process is over and we did not make the cut this time around. We will be reapplying in the future and just want to thank the hundreds of people who have gone out of their way to try and help us. Thank you very much everyone!

This website is dedicated to helping Butch and Pete Richison, a Father & Son duo to get selected to be on the Amazing Race Season 13 reality show.

Why should we get on the Amazing Race 13 you ask? That's a simple question.

We would be representing paintball in a positive manner, we are paintball fanatics running team No Limitz and owning No Limitz Paintball an online retailer and retail pro shop in Sunbury, Ohio.

Butch and Pete are also BUCKEYE's through and through. Pete is actually a graduate of the Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University.

Watch some of our antics we have captured on our own on the videos link on the contents bar!


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(left to right) Pete and Butch at Epcot

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Support the Sport of Paintball!

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Get Pete and Butch on the Amazing Race!


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