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Who Are We?


If you have ever seen No Limitz at a tournament you have probably heard us chanting that before a game.  Have you ever wondered why we chant that?  Or why No Limitz players never have a name printed on their jersey?  Then this is just the page you have been looking for.  It is an explanation of who we are, and why we do what we do.  Enjoy!


Why does No Limitz always pray before they play?

No Limitz is a Christian team, we pray before every tournament game for the safety of ourselves and our opponents first and foremost.  Then we simply pray for God's blessing upon us on the field, which will hopefully lead us to victory if it is his will.

Why are the No Limitz uniforms black and grey?

No Limitz has always and will always wear black.  Its the 'intimidator' color.  We don't need flashy jerseys, or bright colored uniforms.  Our play style does the talking, and since very few teams wear all black, it makes us stand out.  You know when you see an all black uniform with block white letters on it, exactly who it is.

Why don't No Limitz members have their names printed on their jerseys?

No Limitz is a team, not a group of individuals.  We win as a team, and we lose as a team.  A player may make a game-breaking move, but the rest of his team made that possible.  We do not put names on our uniforms to promote the unity of No Limitz.  We don't want to receive individual recognition for anything.  When we do something the whole team gets the credit for it, that is why you will see alternates who didn't even play on the podium.  They are part of the team, and the trophy is just as much theirs as anyone else's on the team.

Why does No Limitz always get to tournaments so early?

If you've even been to a tournament No Limitz was in, you probably noticed we even beat the field owners to the field!  We like to get to the field early so we can settle in, and stage exactly where we like.  We also use that time to walk the fields before anyone else is around, and to have plenty of time to "get in the zone" before play starts.  And we are almost always first game, funny how that works.

Why doesn't anyone on No Limitz cheat?  I thought everyone cheated to win!

No Limitz was created and nurtured in its early years on honesty.  That trait, honesty, has always been our way of playing, and we do not plan on changing it any time soon.  If we are good enough to beat you, awesome.  If not we will just practice more, but cheating to beat you means nothing.  We feel that its more important to walk away from an event with a clear conscience than a trophy.  

Why is No Limitz  always so friendly and so loud?

Why not?  We are no better or worse than anyone else out there.  We treat others as we would like to be treated.  That is why you will see us giving new teams tips, and inviting them out to practice with us.  We are always joking around and having fun with anyone that has a sense of humor.  We play this sport to have fun, and what better way to have fun than to be yourselves, be loud, and laugh a lot?

Why does No Limitz bring 5 carloads of people to a 3-man tournament?

We have always been all about growing the sport and exposing as many people as possible to it. We also love to have a group of people to cheer us on wherever we go, and to help us with paint, air, and cleaning guns.  That is why we bring so many people, or as we call them...GROUPIES!  Yes No Limitz has their own groupies!  Check out this page dedicated just to them.

Why do you guys have so many fundraisers, I mean come on...a bake sale?!

No Limitz is a self funded team.  We don't have a long list of sponsors (Not entirely by choice.  Are you interested in sponsoring No Limitz, please e-mail  We do not feel a 10% discount is worth the loyalty a normal industry sponsor requires so we do it on our own.  We also enjoy the freedom to play what, where, and when we like.  So being self funded we have a lot of money to raise on a regular basis.  We are willing to do just about anything to raise money for the team, if you have any fundraising ideas let us know, we're always looking for new ways to pay for this expensive sport!

Why haven't you answered my question yet?

Well, you haven't asked.  Send your burning questions to