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Ryan Hewitt Fundraiser Page

    Ryan Hewitt is a close friend of former team member, Derek Sharp.  Most of us donít know him personally, but you may have heard his story.  On an evening in mid-July, Derek came home frantic telling his mom that he had to get to the hospital.  Ryan had been hit by a car and he was in bad shape.  That afternoon while walking from his broken down truck along a road in Pickaway County Ohio, Ryan was struck by a driver who continued on his way, leaving Ryan for dead.  Ryan suffered a serious brain injury and major broken bones in his face.  No one was sure if Ryan would recover and obviously the hit-and-run driver didnít care.  

    Through the power of prayer, the love of his friends and family, and Ryanís strong will, he celebrated his 20th birthday on September 15, 2005!  He has since made a remarkable full recovery.   Browse through the pages listed below to hear more about what No Limitz did for Ryan and the amazing outpouring of love and support that flowed from the paintball community.